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Governmental Benefits 

QT has embraced the Biden Administration’s green and mass transportation initiatives. QT will fulfill nearly all the President’s visions and expectations and most importantly it can start implementation within 4 years.


  • Uses negligible space

  • Highest commuter throughput option.

  • Rapid implementation without traffic disruptions.

  • No highway expansion nor land rights grab required. 

  • Lowest power requirement per commuter technology.

  • No air or noise pollution. No sound barriers are necessary.

  • eVs will be charged per mile for revenue to recover lost gas tax.

  • Low maintenance requirements and uses self-inspection technology.

  • QT earns real-time revenue for states to supplement highway budgets

  • Exponential shipping speed increase while massively decreasing congestion on existing roadways. 

  • Reduced wear on bridges and highways, lowering maintenance costs.

  • It works with existing infrastructure or it can work in tandem with existing mass transit systems. 

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