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Benefits to You and for Generations to Come
  • No gas or eV charging stations required.

  • No rail station or airport waiting and screening.

  • No traffic jams, accident pileups, or weather delays.

  • Faster and more accessible than an eVTOL or a helicopter.

  • Uber-like/Lyft-like services with the option of low-cost ownership.

  • Atlanta to Boston (door-to-door) takes 5 hours total. Comparatively, consumer air travel requires 6 hours when parking, TSA, baggage claim, and other variables are factored in – at twice the cost.

Green Ecological Advantage

Every day we pump more crude oil from the earth, refine it, burn it, and use it to cover the Earth with more roads and cars.  As we add new layers of asphalt and concrete, the world will continue to suffer under the endless scourge of constantly deteriorating crude oil-based highways.


Electric vehicles have promised to decrease our demand for crude oil,

but as seen in the graph, this not true.


How does QT’s solution compare?
  • Ultra-quiet

  • High Speed

  • Emits Zero CO2

  • Uses Renewable Energy

  • Up to 70% recycling goals

  • Zero carbon footprint to build


Yearly global crude oil demand is increasing, not decreasing.  Short declines from recessions and a pandemic.


US crude oil demand is increasing, not decreasing.  

Short declines from recessions and pandemic   

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