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  1. radical change to an existing industry or market due to technological innovation.



YOU are on the ground floor of the next Apple, Uber, Amazon, or Tesla with other major industries all working together toward one common goal: To build a leading global transportation company.


YOU are the future Wozniak, Jobs, Musk, Bezos, Ford, or Orville Wright. QT is in a position to become an ExO, and we need extraordinary talent from those who share our vision for the future of transportation! This is not employment, it’s startup ownership in what will be a completely new multi-trillion dollar industry with highly limited partners and a value on profits over paychecks. 


The opportunities are endless. Envision Yourself working with experts from around the world in government, aerospace, artificial intelligence, big data analytics, software development, and real estate.


One of Your future colleagues, the founder, is a mechanical engineer who has over 30 years of experience bringing multi-billion-dollar companies to the table with government agencies, such as DoD, DoT, and FHWA. Our Founder worked with nearly all US states and many international highway agencies as well as Boeing, NASA, refineries, automotive, steel plants, multiple manufacturing sectors, construction contractors, power companies, engineering design firms, and hundreds of engineering university professors.  As an ExO entrepreneur, our founder started a fiber optic-based sensor monitoring company to predict structural failures of bridges and, now Qubit Transport, a patented technology.


We are seeking visionaries who want to make an intelligent investment for partnership and corporate:

  • P3 Groups

  • Universities

  • Design Engineers

  • Civil Construction

  • Autonomous eV Designers

  • Renewable Energy Providers

  • Crowd Sourced Engineering, Software, and Cybersecurity Experts


Your legacy for generations to come.

Want to know more?

If You are seriously interested in implementing a global change to our transportation systems that will forever change how the world connects, contact QT at:

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