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​New Technologies Are on The Horizon –

But Are They Better?

As one example, consider the current eVTOL (flying car) solution. The first approved eVTOL car in Europe will cost a whopping $500k. In a decade, economies-of-scale may lower the cost to $200k, but it will require commuters to have a pilot’s license. In the US, the FAA will take many years to consider, and even if it is approved, eVTOL will be limited to high population urban areas.  Hyperloops, high-speed trains, tunneling, eVs, and many other new technologies have huge costs with marginal benefits to society.

Will these new methods be enough to address the 25% or 3-billion-person population increase over the next several decades? Can they even be implemented in time? Obviously not. There will be 25% more traffic in several years on an already failing and damaged infrastructure. In the US alone, engineers have warned that current roads and bridges require $2 trillion in improvements, and the Federal Highway Administration claims they need an additional $836 billion on top of that. Mass transit solutions will still be mass inconvenience and is not widely available outside of cities.


This perpetual crisis can be averted. QT has found a solution to organize this chaos without the need for hundreds of millions of dollars per mile.


Mass Transit - Subway Station at Rush hour. By 2050 there will be 25% more people 

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