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A Transportation Savior 

Progress and technology normally have unfortunate consequences.  eVTOL won’t handle mass transportation and is only designed for urban environments. Adding lanes to highways will eventually increase traffic, reduce farmland and housing, and require increased taxes for expansion and maintenance. New high-speed rails have historic choke points that ultimately slow travel to the point that passengers aren’t getting to their destinations any faster.


QT offers a high-speed, low-cost technology that has zero emissions, no charging time, and provides a quiet solution. This is pandemic-proof mass transit system without the masses having to huddle together.

Green Ecological Advantage

Every day we pump more crude oil from the earth, refine it, burn it, and use it to cover the Earth with more roads and cars.  As we add new layers of asphalt and concrete, the world will continue to suffer under the endless scourge of constantly deteriorating crude oil-based highways.


Electric vehicles have promised to decrease our demand for crude oil, but as seen in the graph, this promise has not been fulfilled.

Yearly global crude oil demand is increasing, not decreasing.  It only shows short declines from recessions and a pandemic.


How does QT’s solution compare?

  • Ultra-quiet

  • Emits Zero CO2

  • Uses Renewable Energy

  • Up to 70% recycling goals

  • Zero carbon footprint to build

  • Stewardship - Land recovering


The current new technology mega-projects – such as high-speed rails, maglev trains, eVTOLs - all have massive limitations with the high probability of being mega-boondoggles.


An eVTOL, flying car will cost a whopping $500k and will require a pilot’s license. In the US, the FAA will take many years to consider, and even if it is approved, eVTOL will be limited to high population urban areas. 

These new methods will NOT be enough to address the 25% or 3-billion-person population increase in 30 years. This means a 25% more traffic on an already failing and damaged infrastructure. In the US alone, engineers have warned that current roads and bridges require $2 trillion in improvements, and the Federal Highway Administration claims they need an additional $836 billion on top of that. Mass transit solutions will still be mass inconvenience and is not widely available outside of cities.


This perpetual crisis can be averted. QT has found a solution to organize this chaos without the need for millions of dollars per mile.


US crude oil demand is increasing, not decreasing. Short declines from recessions and pandemic   

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