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Qubit Transport (QT)

QT is a new high-speed personal transportation technology. It is not a train, car, or eVTOL.  Currently, we are protecting the IP on over 40 patent-pending claims, but read on to see how QT is a convergence of many new technologies:

  • eV

  • TaaS

  • eVTOL

  • Blockchain

  • Smart Cities

  • Ultimate safety

  • Zero Emissions

  • High-Speed Rail

  • Autonomous Driving

  • MagLev – HyperLoop

  • Solar and Renewable Energy

  • Artificial Intelligent – Qubit Computing

  • Automated Construction Technologies

  • ESG (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance)

Transportation – Status Quo

Countries spend trillions of dollars to maintain our perpetually failing highway infrastructure. Unfulfilled promises of new materials and “innovative” designs lead to premature failures, doubling or tripling costs, and project durations.


New technology mega-projects are costing hundreds of millions of dollars per mile for commuter rails, tunnels, hyperloops, high-speed rails, and maglev rails. These projects consistently cost three times the original budget and deliveries are years behind schedule causing increased traffic jams and taxes.

We want President Biden to succeed, but the US can’t fulfill his pledge to “Build-Back Better” as this has failed for decades and will continue to fail based on current practices.

Take for example one transportation construction project in Hawaii: a simple  20-mile-long commuter light rail. The project budget was set at $1.5B and the current cost is now over $10B. Before completion, it is predicted to reach costs of $13B at a staggering $650 Million per mile. This one example will cost over 10x the original budget.

This has become normal for large infrastructure projects.  

For decades countries have exceeded infrastructure budgets.

Should we continue to accept this “status quo” for decades more? Imagine the possibility of a prefabricated system that would allow costs to stay exactly within the budget and allow for accelerated implementation.

What is QT?


A Transportation Savior



Partners for Global Transportation Change

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Government Transportation

Benefits for the Government/Owners


Qubit Commernce

See how QT will explode Business

ESG- Greenification
ESG Investment Technology

GREEN High Speed, Autonomy, Low Cost, Comfort, Convenience, and many more ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) benefits await.

Gov't, Business, ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance)
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